Retrofitting: seize the opportunity

Give your prilling equipment a second lease of life and seize the opportunity to increase the productivity of your prilling section, regardless of the original manufacturer. 

We offer several Kreber Retrofit Kits and other retrofitting solutions for updating or upgrading your prilling section, potentially adding up to 10 years to its lifetime. By updating your prilling tower with our latest technology, you will be able to improve capacity and optimize product quality.

Kreber also supplies conversion kits and parts for old Bronswerk prilling machines.

Kreber prilling equipment

Some retrofitting examples in practice:

  • Higher uptime with two buckets (example above: one working, one on standby)
  • Improved bucket cleaning process in place
  • Addition of a mixing vessel for injecting solid or other additives
  • On-site supervision, assembly, welding and machining at fixed rates
  • Full documentation of all services provided and online support
  • Access to support hotline

We look forward to providing you with advice and specific solutions for retrofitting, tailored to your needs.

Retrofitting: upgrade your prilling equipment

Do you believe that you have already achieved maximum capacity? Do you think that it is simply not possible to create a better prill? Or have other people told you this?

For many existing prilling towers there is potential for a significant increase in performance. So think again, and exceed your max.

Check your Revamp Potential

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