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Kreber Prilling Solidification Section

Authority in the field of prilling

Kreber designs, constructs and supports high-quality prilling equipment. With more than 50 years of experience and a top team of researchers and engineers, Kreber is an absolute authority in the field of prilling.

About Kreber

Our in-house prilling expertise


We search for new ways to add value to your process and product. That's why we work together with other R&D teams and institutes, including Delft University of Technology.


We will configure the design of your installation to your requirements and preferences, down to the most minute detail. Based on proven technology that continuously improves.


We build complete prilling installations, equipment and individual components that you need for your production process. We do this fully in-house, quality guaranteed.


We don’t just deliver an installation, but rather a fully operational production process. This means you can rely on global support, from system maintenance to spare parts management.

And naturally you can rely on the Kreber Performance Guarantee.

Prilling equipment

Discover your options

Our top team of R&D engineers are more than happy to help researching the feasibility of turning your unique product into prills. At Kreber, we have two testing facilities available to determine whether prilling is feasible for a product.

Lab & Pilot Testing
Kreber Pilot Facility