Absolute prilling authority

Kreber is a Dutch family-owned company that has been located at the Europoort Rotterdam since 1902. It is there, in this industrial epicenter, that we have been specializing in prilling for the past 50 years. Over that time, we have refined this technology down to the most minute details, and our equipment is optimized to take full advantage of every innovation.

With an impressive track record we are able to prill a variety of chemical substances such as several fertilizers (Urea, AN, ANP, CAN), Bisphenol-A, Sulphur and various customized applications.

Kreber location Europoort

Top Team of Researchers

Particularly when it comes to technology, standing still always means falling behind. In order to continue innovating the prilling process, our prilling solutions and prilling equipment, we have our own in-house R&D team. These specialists work together with other R&D and research and educational institutions, including Delft University of Technology, which is among the top universities in the world.

Major New Developments

Thanks to innovative facilities such as the Kreber Prilling Laboratory and the Kreber Pilot Facility, our R&D team is able to take the prilling technology and customer solutions to the very next level. One of the major developments is the Vibro prilling. Adding a vibration to the melt has proven to result in more uniform prills with a defined narrow prill size distribution.