Spray Congealing Units

The Kreber spray congealer is an all-in-one solution for transforming molten materials into solid powders with enhanced functional characteristics, including increased solubility or encapsulation of active ingredients.

Operating from a melt-in to powder-out battery limit, the Kreber spray congealers handle all necessary processes within the equipment itself, such as cooling, emission treatment, and reintroduction of the cooling medium (e.g., air, nitrogen, or other gases). This closed-loop configuration ensures near-zero emissions to the environment. Our spray congealing equipment is designed to be flexible, low-maintenance, and scalable, supporting capacities of up to 15 tons per hour.

Full Package Overview

An overview of our full package for a Spray congealing unit

Spray Congealing

Spray congealing is an efficient process utilized in the manufacturing industry for the production of solid powders. This innovative technique involves atomization, rapid cooling, and solidification to create uniform and high-quality solid materials.