More control, more profit

Improve your new or existing processing plant with the most robust, energy-efficient and cost-effective finishing technology in the world: prilling.

Prilling is a proven and extremely effective finishing technology. In the prilling process, a liquid melt is sprayed to produce droplets falling through a countercurrent cooling medium and therefore crystallizing into spherical solids, also referred to as prills. Prilling offers you many advantages over other solidification methods, such as granulation or flaking.

Prilled solidification section

At Kreber we design, construct and support prilling equipment for international processing and chemical companies. Over the years, we have built up an impressive track record in a variety of markets. A breakdown of our full package for a prilled solidification section:

Prilled solidification section processing plant

  • Formation of prills
    Prills of your melt are formed inside the prilling machine by a prilling nozzle, also known as a prilling bucket or prilling head.
  • Cooling of prills
    To solidify prills need to have sufficient cooling time. Inside the prilling tower droplets are sprayed in a counter-current stream of the cooling medium. More about prilling tower process.
  • Collection of prills
    The freshly formed prills are gently collected with a prill scraper, available in two standard configurations; horizontal and conical.
  • Handling of prills
    The collected prills are offloaded from the prilling tower via a chute. Most common handling solutions for further transport to storage or packaging facilities comprise screw conveyors, belt conveyors, bucket elevators or air lifting systems.
  • Special options
    We offer various accessories to optimize production, including an explosion suppression system, de-dusting unit and an anti-icing system.

Performance guarantee

Our repetitive business statistics and extensive company portfolio, reflect a high degree of trust in the performance of our prilling equipment. We have taken that trust to the next level, by offering the Kreber Performance Guarantee.