Optimum product quality

The heart of a prilling machine, where the 'formation magic' happens: the prilling bucket. In fact, it's one of the most important parts of equipment used in the prilling process. At Kreber we continuously improve our prilling buckets, to ensure optimum quality of the prills and low dust levels in production.

Each Kreber Prill Nozzle is designed and manufactured to customer-specific variables including:

  • Desired capacity
  • Viscosity of the melt
  • Surface tension of the melt
  • Temperature of the melt
  • Size of the prills

Static and rotary prilling

Each prilling bucket is specifically developed to a fit for purpose capacity, guaranteeing an accurate prill size distribution. Whether it's about static or rotary prilling, all buckets are designed to ensure interchangeability. Capacities for rotary prilling buckets range from 75 – 4000 metric tonnes / day.

Prilling bucket

Prilling equipment

Do you want to let your new processing plant or existing processing plant benefit from the most fit finishing technology in the world? Over the years, we have built up an impressive track record. Feel free to explore our prilling solutions or entire range of prilling equipment.