More control, more profit

The Kreber Prilling Machine is characterized by a high level of reliability, low operational expenses and the possibility to quickly change over prilling buckets. Today, the first fertilizer prilling machine we built in the 1960’s is still in operation and creating a positive cash flow for our client. Our prilling machines of the milkmaid type, a system with two prilling buckets, are available in various standard executions.

Various applications are feasible and can be discussed. The current design of the prilling machine is based on ease of operation and features:

  • Capacities up to 4000 t/day
  • Double bucket system
  • Low down time due to ingenious prilling bucket change-over system
  • A preheat vessel, for stand-by prilling bucket
  • A switch panel for remote or local manual control

Over the years, we have built up an impressive track record in manufacturing prilling machines.

Prilling equipment

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