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Stay compliant and competitive by improving your current plant.

More control, more profit

Change is imminent, constantly. Technology, legislation and customer expectations are always prone to adjustments, innovations or transformations.

At Kreber we provide you with the state-of-the-art technology and solutions to upgrade your aging solidification section to the next level, once changes in circumstances require this.

Our prilling experts work together with you, ensuring your prilling equipment and solidification section keeps up with your needs and market demands. This is mostly about improving safety and efficiency, reducing costs, providing longer lifespan and ensuring the flexibility you need.

Absolute prilling authority

For over 50 years Kreber designs, constructs and supports high-quality prilling equipment for international processing and chemical companies.

With an impressive track record we are able to prill a variety of chemical substances such as several fertilizers (Urea, AN, ANP, CAN), Bisphenol-A, Sulphur and various customized applications.

Spare parts

Genuine Kreber spare parts protect your investment, keeping you up and running at top efficiency and reliability. Each part is warranted to be manufactured to extremely high standards. Therefore we support clients with worldwide spare parts management: custom pre-analysis of critical machine parts, in time delivery and global availability ensuring safe plant operation.


To take full advantage of technical developments and to meet new requirements or legislation we offer various upgrades, modernizations and optimizations for your equipment. Kreber Revamping makes it possible to improve productivity through less down time, reduce energy consumption and to achieve emission targets. Regardless of the original manufacturer of your prilling section. 

Pre-owned equipment

At Kreber we rebuild selected (pre-owned) machines, providing you with many years of reliable service but without the cost of buying new. Factory rebuilt equipment helps you to reduce costs without compromising on quality, reliability or performance. Just like new equipment, our used equipment is backed by the Kreber Performance Guarantee.

Kreber Prilling Equipment

Prilling Equipment

High-end product quality, high production capacity, low energy consumption and minimal downtime. Feel free to explore our full package for a prilled solidification section.

Equipment overview

Discover your Revamp Potential

Exceed your max

Do you believe that you have already achieved maximum capacity? Do you think that it is simply not possible to create a better prill? Or have other people told you this?

For many existing prilling towers there is potential for a significant increase in performance. So think again, and exceed your max.

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Standing firmly behind our work

Our repetitive business statistics and extensive company portfolio, reflect a high degree of trust in the performance of our prilling equipment. We have taken that trust to the next level.

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