Performance Guarantee

At Kreber we don’t just deliver prilling equipment, but rather a fully operational production process.

Standing firmly behind our work

Our repetitive business statistics and extensive company portfolio reflect a high degree of trust in the performance of our prilling equipment. We have taken that trust to the next level, by offering the Kreber Performance Guarantee.

Standing firmly behind our process engineering designs has taken decades of hard work and a dedicated application of our expertise. We consider the Kreber Performance Guarantee an achievement and take a great deal of pride in the resulting confidence that our clients place in us.

Joint Effort

Developing and confirming the Kreber Performance Guarantee is a joint effort with our clients. Our R&D team will carefully review, model and simulate every application. After this, results are verified and optimized in the Kreber Prilling Laboratory using client issued feed materials. At the Kreber Prilling Test Plant, we produce industrial quantity samples for further product testing.

When all these test results are satisfactory, the full solidification section of your new plant or current processing plant will be configured to your needs and demands. The designs of hundreds of successful similar systems and an extensive library of real operating data form the basis for your prilling equipment design.

Proprietary Technology

Pilot plant testing of the initial operation of the system is conducted at our test facility. During the pilot testing phase, the specific metrics of performance are identified. The process objectives are then quantified and agreed upon during the project’s initial design phase.

The next steps are detailed engineering, system manufacturing, commissioning and system startup. During the final step of the process we run a SAT (Site Acceptance Test) to confirm all the metrics and design objectives and to complete the Kreber Performance Guarantee.