Pilot-Scale Test

Testing ‘prillability’ on a larger scale.

At Kreber, we have two testing facilities available to determine whether prilling is feasible for a product: the Kreber Laboratory Facility and the Kreber Pilot Facility.

Pilot Facility Prilling by Kreber

Next to Lab Scale Testing, we use Pilot Facility Testing to investigate feasibility in the Industrial stages. At the Kreber Pilot Facility, we study ‘prillability’ on a larger scale. Both facilities are operated at an industrial location, which makes it possible to safely test a wide variety of materials.

The Kreber Pilot Facility is a modular prilling tower which is 24 meters in height. It allows us to pursue several goals, such as generating an industrially representative sample in batches, mapping dust formation rates, and gaining new insights that enable the optimization of industrial prilling tower design.

Sample Production Prilling

The Pilot-Scale Test consists of:

  • Sample production in batches
  • Industrial operability, duration test
  • Dust formation measurements
  • Design optimization

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