Special Options

For optimizing your production process.

At Kreber, our aim is to consistently provide a safe and optimized prilling process. To this end, we have developed several special options.

Air Inlet Filtration

In the prilling tower process, air is sucked in by one or more fans. To avoid contamination of the prilled product with dust from the atmosphere, air filters can be installed around the lower circumference of the tower. The fitting housings are based on a modular system, specifically designed for cassette filters.

Anti-Icing System

The tower is usually gas cooled, preferably with ambient air, using either open or closed-loop systems. The Kreber Anti-icing System is an extra option that can be used to preheat ambient air flowing towards the tower filters. The system works with regenerated waste heat from the outlet stack and helps to control the prilling temperature in the tower.

Explosion Suppression System

Due to the high air-to-dust ratio, the risk of dust explosion in the prilling tower is extremely low during normal operation. The Kreber Dust Explosion Detection and Explosion Suppression System offers a second layer of protection and fully eliminates the risk of dust explosion.

Bulk Flow Cooler

To further cool down the prills leaving the prill tower, we can add a Kreber Bulk Flow Cooler. This further reduces the prills temperature for packaging without adding extra falling height to the tower.