Prill Scraper

For optimal prill collection.

Once the prills have formed and solidified, they need to be collected. At the bottom of the prilling tower, a Kreber Prill Scraper collects them in a slotted hole in the tower bottom. The prills are then transported further with a belt conveyor or screw conveyor. 

Conical, straight or flat scraper

The Kreber Prill Scrapers are of the double beam type, with the situated in the centre and below the tower bottom. Several sizes are available, ranging from 5m to 24m. We have two types of standards available: a conical scraper and a straight or flat scraper. Both types are manufactured in several sizes to suit your plant capacity and prilling tower dimensions.

All drive parts are situated under the prilling tower bottom floor, keeping them completely separate from the prills and therefore protected from heat and dust. In addition, the robust design of the prill scraper ensures high reliability, very low energy consumption, easy maintenance and a long lifetime.

The specific configuration of the scraper arms and blades ensures that the prills are treated in a gentle manner. The double beam scraper speed is matched with the belt conveyor or screw conveyor to minimize the pulses of prills and ensure a steady flow from the prill tower to further steps in production.

Fluidized Bed

When the prills have solidified to a sufficient shell thickness, but the prills are not at packaging temperature when they reach the bottom of the tower, the scraper can be substituted with a fluidized bed. The air entering the tower fluidizes the prills lying at the bottom, enabling them to cool down and further solidify as long as necessary for them to reach the desired exit temperature.

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