At Kreber, we have two testing facilities available to determine whether prilling is feasible for a product: a Laboratory Facility and a Pilot Facility.

We use Laboratory-Scale Testing to investigate feasibility in the early stages. At the Kreber Pilot Facility, we study ‘prillability’ on a larger scale. Both facilities are operated at an industrial location, which makes it possible to safely test a wide variety of materials.

Prilling Jet Break Up Study

The Kreber Laboratory Facility has been designed and built to identify the prillability of a material in terms of its readiness to form a jet and subsequently break-up into droplets. Studies can be performed using a few kilos of material.

The Lab-Scale Test consists of:

  • Jet formation and droplet formation
  • Vibration-enhanced jet breakup
  • Solidification

Please note that the Kreber Lab-Scale Test can be combined with the Kreber Consultancy Study, to gain even more insights about the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the prilling process.

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