Swivels are used offshore for the transfer of products such as oil, water and gas between a stationary part and a weathervaning vessel. Kreber fabricates a number of certified swivel types, such as:

  • Product swivels
  • Buoy swivels
  • Electrical swivels
  • Utility swivels

Kreber can carry out the entire production process for clients in-house. Our services:

  • Project management,
  • Procurement of forgings and other materials,
  • Certified cladding & welding,
  • CNC machining,
  • Assembly and testing.

We can perform many tests in-house, ranging from static pressure testing to rotary tests under pressure with torque measurements.

Single products and devices up to 35 tons of weight, with a maximum diameter of 5.6 meters can be produced in our facilities.

All products are supplied with fully documented manufacturing record books with full traceability up to the steel mills.

All products come fully certified if required and verified and witnessed by an inspection body during the production of your parts.