High-quality outsourcing made easy

Kreber’s technological expertise and physical capabilities are also available for contract manufacturing to your individual requirements.

We are pleased to offer you:

  • Construction of complete machines and plant systems
  • Manufacturing of components and modules
  • Factory Acceptance Testing & Services
  • Fully documented vendor data books/ manufacturing record books

We provide the following supporting services:

  • Material procurement
  • Development, planning, engineering
  • Project management
  • Resolving special issues through established contacts with notified bodies, institutes and universities

Working with Kreber

We manufacture your components or machines based on your engineering specifications, including electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. We are equipped to process medium to large sized components in small to medium-sized series, using either your free issued material or procuring it ourselves

There can be several reasons for choosing to place your work with Kreber:

  • You do not intend to set up your own manufacturing;
  • You need additional capacity for peak work loads;
  • If you just have an idea or a sketch, we will work with you to develop your product – and manufacture it for you;
  • And if you need help to resolve any relevant issue, we can give you local support through our network of external facilities

Our Manufacturing Facilities

In our spacious and modern facilities (approx. 9.500 m² and 40 employees) we manufacture for a broad range of sectors, such as (petro-)chemical, foodprocessing, offshore, maritime, wind power and special machinery construction.

We provide machining, factory assembly, repairs and services. And we offer a broad range of fabrication services in welding of small to large size parts