New industrial processing plant

Everything you need in solidification for a reliable and profitable new plant.

More control, more profit

During the design of an industrial processing plant, the choice for the right solidification technology can be the deciding factor for investments costs, operational expenses and the consistency of your product quality.

Amongst all alternatives, prilling proves to be the most fit technology for manufacturing solids from a melt with commercially valid chemical and physical characteristics.

Entering into partnership with a dedicated, committed and supportive team, guarantees access to the very best prilling equipment in the world. At Kreber we have everything you need for the safe and efficient installation of your next plant. Our in-house prilling process expertise, combined with our manufacturing know-how and capabilities ensures optimum solidification performance from day one.

Absolute prilling authority

For over 50 years Kreber designs, constructs and supports high-quality prilling equipment for international processing and chemical companies.

With an impressive track record we are able to prill a variety of chemical substances such as several fertilizers (Urea, AN, ANP, CAN), Bisphenol-A, Sulphur and various customized applications.


We start as we mean to go on, a supportive and committed partner for life. At Kreber we plan and build around individual needs, sharing knowledge, training staff and supporting operators. All to get you up and running and to ensure a smooth, seamless on-going service for optimum production performance.


At Kreber we understand the complete production process inside out, with a strong emphasis on interface competency. That’s why we are able to set up your equipment or process line in the most efficient and effective way. Expect maximum safety and production reliability at all times.


Maximum effectiveness, increased reliability, reduced maintenance costs and a safe working environment with highly motivated employees – that’s what you get with Kreber training. We provide off-the-shelf courses or fully customized trainings tailored to your individual needs. Wherever or whenever you need it.

Kreber Prilling Equipment

High-end product quality, high production capacity, low energy consumption and minimal downtime.

A breakdown of our full package for a prilled solidification section.

Kreber prilling solidification section

Kreber prilling machine bucket

Prill formation

The heart of the Kreber Prilling Machine, where the 'formation magic' happens: the Kreber Prilling Nozzle. Also known as head or bucket, each nozzle is designed and manufactured with high precision to customer specific variables.

Kreber prilling tower

Prill cooling

Prills need to have sufficient cooling time to solodify. This is achieved by spraying droplets in a counter-current stream of the cooling medium in the Kreber Prilling Tower. This tower can be up to 100m in height and 30m in diameter, but we prefer to keep it as compact as possible.


Prill collection

At the bottom of the Kreber Prilling Tower, the freshly formed prills are gently collected by the Kreber Prill Scraper. The Kreber Prill Scraper is available in two standard configurations; horizontal and conical.

Kreber Screw Conveyor

Prill handling

The collected prills are offloaded from the Kreber Prilling Tower via a chute. Most common handling solutions for further transport to storage or packaging facilities comprise screw conveyors, belt conveyors, bucket elevators or air lifting systems.


Special options

We offer special options to optimize production or to ensure a safe working enviroment, such as the Kreber Explosion Suppression System, the Kreber De-Dusting Unit and the Kreber Anti-Icing System.

Kreber Performance Guarantee

Our repetitive business statistics and extensive company portfolio, reflect a high degree of trust in the performance of our prilling equipment.

We have taken that trust to the next level, by offering the Kreber Performance Guarantee.

Kreber spare parts management