Kreber received an order for the fabrication, assembly, painting and testing of a number of swivels from our client Monobuoy SARL in Monaco. Monobuoy is well-known for designing and building Single Point Mooring Systems. The swivels will be integrated in a CALM buoy with destination North America. Kreber has been chosen for its high precision fabrication track record and its experience of working with different materials including high alloy weld overlay cladding.

Besides the fabrication of the swivel, Kreber is responsible for the design, engineering and fabrication of a high pressure swivel testing installation. With the test installation we are able to perform the dynamic rotation testing of the swivel up to 24 bar medium pressure and 275 bar hydraulic pressure.

Need offshore quality and accuracy? Kreber can assist you with the engineering, fabrication and testing of your swivels up to 5,600 mm diameter!


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