Combination of strengths

Kreber’s strength lies in the fact that we have a proprietary engineering department coupled with more than a century’s worth of experience as a producer. Our technicians are mechanical engineers also specialized in hydraulics and electronics. Together they have a command of the complete range of materials and production techniques. They take care of the whole development process, or parts thereof. From the first design sketch through to the entire package of production documents, always resulting in the highest quality: the most suitable design with the best manufacturability giving you the shortest lead times and lowest operating costs.

Proactive efficiency

Engineering and Kreber go hand-in-hand. We always visualize with your complete chain in mind. From idea to end product, and then beyond that. We operate as your partner throughout the whole design and production process. We apply all our knowledge, resourcefulness, experience, test setups and tools (3D CAD) to select materials more effectively and to make designs smarter. This results in shorter lead times, lower costs and of course, better products. If you are looking for extraordinary initiatives, we will give you them.