Fabrication and erection of the tower can either be done at our works near the Rotterdam harbour in The Netherlands or on-site anywhere worldwide.


Our prilling tower is tailored and designed according ASME VIII and can be executed in either Aluminium or Stainless Steel. It features:


  • Embedded equipment foundations and nozzles;
  • Platform and pipe support options on all elevations
  • Complete penthouse piping with valves and maintenance hoist.


As an option Kreber supplies an anti-icing system that can be used to Preheat ambient air flowing towards the prilling tower filters. The system works with Regenerated waste heat from outlet stack and helps to control the prilling temperature in the tower.


Around the lower circumference of the tower the air inlet filters are located. To ensure pure prills the cooling air needs to be free of polluting particles. The filters Kreber applies are of the high air flow type and comprise multiple stages. The units are equipped with differential pressure sensors to indicate pollution levels. The Kreber design is such that filter elements can be changed during operation.