Ir. Gelmer Bouwman (Kreber B.V.), presented some of the results of our R&D in Prilling Technology on the NL GUTS meeting held 12 December 2017.


On invitation of NL GUTS our colleague Ir. Gelmer Bouwman presented the results of one of our research topics in optimizing Prilling Technology. Prilling is the process of making small spherical beads from a melt, which yields a free flowing product with low dust and enhanced abrasive properties. Although prilling is a well-known proven technology, there is still room for R&D to further optimize the technology.

The Research initiated an improved design of our Prilling equipment resulting in enhanced (self) control and a narrower size distribution of the prills.

Kreber would like to thank NL-GUTS for the opportunity and the interactive discussions.

NL-GUTS, Netherlands Group of Users of Technology for Separation, is a competence network of 33 company groups in the oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, biotechnology and bio-based industry. The purpose of NL GUTS is to transfer new knowledge and developments in separation technology among industries, from technology suppliers to industrial users and from knowledge institutions to industry.

Kreber is a highly qualified and reliable manufacturer of high-end industrial Prilling and Process equipment. In accordance with strict quality standards, we design, manufacture, test and service sophisticated products that match the exact requirements and specifications of our clients.

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